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Clarinex is a non-drowsy antihistamine. The comment about how Clarinex should have been passed out at Woodstock was amusing but the experience is unlikely. In fact, the FAA has approved Clarinex for use with Pilots. <br><br>Furthermore, the nature of the molecule does not pre-dispose it to exitability for those of you who feel that Clarinex "hyped you up". You may want to be sure you aren't confusing the Brand Name Clarinex with Claritin-D because the "D" component of Claritin and other allergy pills can cause excitability.<br><br>Clarinex does not need to be taken in any special way or with a certain amount of water. Clarinex may be taken any time of day with or without food. <br><br>You may consume alcohol while taking Clarinex. Clarinex has not been shown to have any effect on the body's exposure to sunlight. <br><br>Clarinex has been tested in Children as young as 6 months of age and was recently approved for use all the way down to 6 months of age. <br><br>I take Clarinex for my seasonal allergies and for a condition known as acute urticaria (hives) whic I occasionally get from being stressed out or as a reaction to diet-soda. Clarinex does the trick for me every time without side effects.
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