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Default Side effects of Lumigan

I was diagnosed with Glaucoma in November 2007. I lost partial vision and have been using Lumigan for 3 months. The pigmentation around my eyes have changed drastically and looks like I've been in a fight (or better yet, my daughter says I look like a raccoon). I have dry eyes, itchyness, feel like foreign matter in my eyes, blur vision and my eyes are red. I am seriously thinking about changing my medication.
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Old 02-17-2009, 09:23 AM
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Smile Side-Effects of Lumigan

The "raccoon eyes" is caused by the Lumigan "staining" the skin tissues around your eyes. This is usually a slow build-up over time. If you quit Lumigan, the dark circles usually fade with time. Try to blot any excess eyedrop around eyes with a tissue so you are not allowing Lumigan to soak into your skin tissues.

The itching and redness is probably an allergy to the preservative or other components in the eyedrop. This may or may not go away with time.

The longer, thicker eyelashes is caused by Lumigan saturating into the lashes and follicles. This too will go away if you stop Lumigan. If eyelashes become so long that they are problematic (like bumping into your eyeglass lens), you can carefully clip them shorter. Some people develop eyelashes that are thicker, longer, growing at odd angles, and/or white instead of dark.

One thing I noticed on Lumigan is that the whites of my eyes seemed dull and yellowish, and the "sparkle" in my eyes disappeared. This, combined with the "raccoon-like" circles around my eyes, made me look tired and depressed. And seeing my tired, sad eyes in the mirror just made me more tired and depressed. LOL.

Lumigan, like most eyedrops, can cause a raft of side-effects. However, if Lumigan is helping to reduce your eye pressure, try hard to stick with it, rather than stopping your medication and suffering optic-nerve damage.

Good luck.
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