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Default had to find out more on the Web

It's important to disclose a little background information first - <br><br>I am 43 years old and lead a very active life. (Hiking, Running, Gym, Softball, etc.) <br>and I am 18 months out from a Spinal Fusion at L4 L5 (yep I got hardware, rods and screws). <br><br>I do admit I push the boundaries of my surgery, and I do still feel stiffness and pain of my lower back and hips even after the surgery. The doctor prescribed Celebrex. I took it on and off for the last year but couldn't stomach it, and it didn't seem to do much. The doctor switched me over to Mobic a week ago. It wasn't sure if I was really noticing any improvement until my Softball game last night. I had improved flexibility, and a decrease in my level of pain while playing. This was noticeable by myself and my team mates as it was reflected in my performance on the field. Normally after a game I always left in allot of pain, which required about 24 hours to level off to normal. True I was a little tight ast night but I got up this morning feeling great, and would have to say my pain level is lower than usual. WOW! <br><br>One thing I did notice about Mobic is that I cannot tolerate an evening dose prior to bed, It makes me very nauseous. I have found that for me personally It appears to work better in the morning, after eating, and I make sure I take it with a large glass of water. <br>
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