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Old 01-16-2007, 06:34 PM
Mary O'Brien
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Default Side Effects of Mylotarg

My Mother is 68 and has A.M.L. She is having Cytarabine over 4 sessions and also trials for Mylotarg. She has just received her second dose of Mylotarg which is administered via one injection on one visit. She hasnt had feedback yet, will be having bone marrow taken in 10 days to assess this.<br>I am concerned about the horrific side effects of the Mylotarg. She has the drug then is observed for 4 hours. The first observation showed nothing yet, one hour following her getting home she suffered extreme nausea, vomiting, fever, hot and cold temperatures in the 40's and shaking. She managed to get warm and went to bed to 'sleep it off' and was okay in the morning, albeit knocked about by the reaction.<br>The second dose last week however gave severe and distressing reaction the same time scale too - only the clinic where it was given had chosen to send her home earlier as she seemed to be stronger in herself. <br>When she got home - 2 hours after the injection of Mylotarg - she suffered almost seizure like fits of uncontrolled shaking, vomiting of bright yellow sick and had temp of 40+. I am not trained as a nurse and she lives 30+ miles from hospital. I had to get the ambulance there. They gave her anti nausea tablets and got her temp down by removing her bedding a bit.<br><br>She had not been warned of these 'fits'or seizures and had been advised to take the anti nausea drugs "when" she felt sick, not BEFORE! to prevent sickness!!<br>She is now terrified to continue with the whole thing - it was distressing, painful and to date, we dont know if it is working.<br><br>I would be very grateful to talk to someone about this please - anything and any voice would be welcomed.<br><br>Kind wishes, Mary
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