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Old 05-25-2005, 05:00 AM
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Default Mylotarg

My mother received Mylotarg for treatment of acute mylogenous lukemia. She is 77 yrs. old. She has been in complete remission for 9 mos. until now. She has had another bone marrow test done and we are awaiting the results due 7-10 days from now. She has below normal platelets, red cells and is borderline on her WBC. She's bruising, is tired, anemic, and has had minor diharreha. She had 2 chemotherapy treatments prior to the Mylotarg. The Mylotarg was what did the trick and she took it pretty well. At the time her bone marrow showed 65% cancer cells. She took only one treatment of Mylotarg as she felt that was enough at the time. We knew the protocol was 2 treatments, the second to be given 2 weeks after the first. Now since the cancer seems to be back (won't know for sure until the bone marrow test results)maybe the second treatment 2 weeks after the first would have been wise to take? Also, her symptoms appear to be as described re: low red blood cells (anemia), platelets, which are side effects of Mylotarg....please comment on my comments if you will and advise if you can. Thank you
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