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Default Novalog

I was diagnosed with Type 1 almost 5 years ago. When I was first diagnosed I began experiencing hives daily that covered my entire body. I was put on Zyrtec to control the hives (this worked better than words can say). Taking Zyrtec daily has helped me control hives. In May 2007 I began seeing an allergist who recommended I begin allergy shots. Currently I receive shots once or twice a week and am expected to complete this therapy in 5 years. Since I began taking allergy shots I have experienced hives once. I now take Zyrtec much less frequently than daily. <br><br>To manage my diabetes I have used several insulins over the past 5 years. First I used Humalog 75/25 with regular insulin. Next I used Lantus with Humalog and 2 years ago I started on the Medtronic Pump. My doctor recommended that I use Novalog with my pump so I switched again. <br><br>I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY PUMP! I never thought my sugar levels could be as fantastic as they are or I could feel as excellent as I feel. I no longer experience highs or lows constantly. I feel healthy again.<br><br>When I'm not pumping (I can choose to take out my pump whenever I want) I use Lantus and Novalog. My blood sugar levels are still good, but I still like my pump better.<br><br>These are just my experiences and I hope they are helpful to anyone in need. Asking as many questions as possible, being willing to see as many doctors as necessary, and being open to the therapy suggested by my doctors (who have only ever had my best interest at heart) has truly helped me live better.
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