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Old 02-15-2011, 04:22 PM
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Default Are You Kidding Me?

My oldest child is 24, a son with ADHD - never diagnosed except by a rather zealous health visitor who didnt ask what I came to the clinic for but 'told' me my son was 'hyperactive'. He was very sporty and still is and fortunately never suffered unduly at school. My daughter is now in the last year of teacher training despite being Dyslexic and ADD (Add is undiagnosed but she has it as we all do in my family and she has the same focus, concentration and memory problems my youngest has).

My youngest is 12 and has had more difficulties in school than my other children. He is not able like my daughter, to develop a strategy for working and has no motivation.

My background is in therapy. I have also studied for years, add and laterely cell function (microbiology) for interest not career.

I study because the docs dont. They get given training by pharmaceuticals who want them to sell their drugs. Even in the UK where I dont pay for prescriptions for my son, they are still 'earning' and our dear NHS would still prefer to chuck you a pill than look any deeper into mind /body or any alternative treatments. (they now have acupuncture - it must be a cost thing as they are sooo slow to discover what works and is cheaper!)

Aged 5 my youngest was diagnosed with ADHD at a time when the 'debate' about whether it exists or not raged on in the UK especially. They would say 'its an American' thing.

I have studied the work of Dr Amen who has been able to at last actually show the activities or lack of, in the brains of people with ADD. He has helped with others to prove that they CAN NOT NOT MOVE ABOUT - it literally helps them to concentrate!

Schools accept it is real and luckily for me they dont force you to drug your kids like some in America - THAT IS HORRIFYING YOU EVIL SCHOOL SYSTEMS - I feel very sorry for any parent in that situation.

Along the way in the past 23 years since discovering my children had some 'differences' that could make their lives less joyful, I have learned a great deal. WHY - BECAUSE I LOOKED FOR INFORMATION AND NATURAL SUPPORT, I DIDNT JOG STRAIGHT DOWN THE CHEMIST FOR A PILL!

There is a video of an older female specialist who was helping families whose kids had a variety of unexplained symptoms. A couple of them had ADD. She was able to show how children were 'intolerant' or rather their bodies were, intolerant of certain substance, obscure things like 'peas' can cause tummy ache and eggs can send kids into a semi coma state. She showed the effect of a small amount of the substance, and then showed how quickly and easily you can reverse the effects. I think this was kineasilogy but cannot be sure and have no idea where to find this doctors research. Anyway, I logged this as being marvelous and felt cross it wasnt common knowledge.

Later because I have seen so many people recover from supposed incurable illnesses, simply because I helped them to work on their mind (not necessarily to treat the physical problem, often to treat obsessions, depressions, negative beliefs, trauma etc) I felt very confident in the minds ability to support change in the body aswell as behaviorally.

I also noted that SPECIALISTS in my country at least, knew little or nothing about the barrel effect.

The barrel effect as I call it, describes what is happening when the body is dealing with a number of intolerances (things it just doesn't like to manage) such as white flour, white sugar, high gi, additives etc and you add to that emotional imbalances like stress. Your body (please remember your BRAIN is part of your BODY and the cells that make up the brain are cells like any other, requiring the right kind of sustenance to work properly - such as fish oils that coat the cell, vitamins b and zinc that act a the vehicle to carry the fish oils to the cells - if your diet doesn't support this it would be worth checking out) begins to suffer.

So many of my clients would say their ibs symptoms or skin disorder or heartburn had disappeared following our sessions - coincidence - I think not!

The correct diet for a child with ADD is often considered too strict for most people nowadays. You have to cook fresh food and its preferable although not essential for it to be organic. You should not allow any colorings, additives, sugar, white bread and avoid high gi foods. How many British or American families do that? Not many.

I did. I looked at every box and ingredient when my son was first diagnosed and within 3 months he had no signs of ADD. He was still a very busy little boy and his personality was the same, but he was easier to look after and more content. The anxiety disappeared and he wasnt 'dangerous' or impulsive.

But, that didnt last, I have not been able to get the whole family on board and my darling husband likes his treats. I do not agree with anyone having unhealthy foods/drink and my child being expected to watch and not have - so its been difficult.

It has got worse in the last few years and I gave up being so strict (it is tiring and hard work) and my son is more independent. Then he developed tics!

I read (as I always do) everything I could find about this problem and recognised the relationship between ADHD and Tourettes. I did look for a diagnosis as that would have served no purpose. I discovered a support website written by a man with ADD whose parents had both been scientists. He was on my wave length and the wording about cells, functions, receptors and so on had become more familiar. He explained about needing B6 and Zinc to support the correct Omega 3/6 intake. My son has taken Omega fish oils since he was 5 and so does my husband - my husbands 'moods' have been better ever since.

The tics disappeared within 3 weeks of taking the additional supplements!

But the focus and concentration is not cured because the diet is impossible to keep up. In my kitchen we never had 'squash' and now its always here. Donuts will arrive sporadically, biscuits and the odd cake - none of these food were in my kitchen when my eldest son grew up.

Today I got a prescription from a Pediatrician. She gave him Concerta. I left her office in the hope that two things would happen.

1 - my son would be able to focus and improve in his studies, his self esteem would improve and he would engage in more beneficial friendships
2 - my husband and adult daughter would be horrified enough to stop bringing 'crap' into my house and become more supportive of helping my youngest naturally.

They are horrified. They cant quite believe I have turned to drugs. But they haven't offered to stop their crap intake!

However, before the drugs are given to my son, I did my research. I discovered that this drug causes tics and should not be taken by anyone who already has them!!!

For goodness sake!

I already knew as a layperson who isnt medically minded - I know more about this than the doctor!

So I went in search of other options and found Straterra being mentioned as a non stimulant.

I have now scoured several forums and websites.

I am devastated.

How incredibly bonkers the world is. Is the mother whose 3 year old on drugs - on a strict diet of healthy foods, aware of any intolerances her son has - a simple test will discover this - my son acted like hed taken cocaine when he ate strawberries! Has the mother or father of the 6, 7, 8 year olds looked at their diets, tried supplements, looked at other stressors?? How many kids on drugs parents have actually tried everything else first?

Hardly any - its easier to take a pill!

And - why challenge the medical profession - aren't they the 'be all and end all' of everything to do with the body and mind?

Well anyone who still thinks that is STUPID!

I dont care if you take offence if you are someone who literally takes everything a medical person tells you as 'gospel'.

Learn, challenge, research - for goodness sake - PLEASE!

I now cant bear to give my son these drugs - and risk liver disease, headaches, tics, hyperactivity, sickness, depression, anorexia, heart palpitations and crikey you surely know the risks - you have at least READ THEM??

The ONLY really sensible and yet heartbreaking comment is from a woman whose 16 year old son just tried to commit suicide! And she is like me, she wants to warn people of the dangers and thinks the risk of possibly being too hyperactive for school (archaic systems) is tough when you consider the alternative is possible death!

I am not anti all medical things, I am not anti all medical people - I am anti the stupidity of people who wont look for options and who should realise that any working options that arent risking anything - wont be shouted from the roof tops like the medicines will - no-one has the money or political backing that they do.

Please consider the following

Get your child tested for intolerances
Chuck out everything that isnt natural from your home
Educate yourself
Read Dr Amens books (he offers natural alternatives to those who are motivated enough but also describes the best prescprionts for the different types of ADD)
Check out Candace Pert's 'Molecules of Emotion' and get to know how the body, yours, you child's body works from the smallest parts.

And tell others to do the same

Sorry for the rant - I feel so sad and disappointed and at a loss - I can go into battle with my husband and daughter - both will assure me of their support in the beginning but I fear my husband whose got his own addictions to crap, will not stay the course

What a life - I love all my family and I want the best for them

Right now I am deciding if I care enough about my son's education to try any drugs at all. Education or illness - hmmm

I think - unless and until the pharmaceuticals invent a side effect free drug for ADD, I cant put my child in that situation

I will have to shout louder and 'roll with the punches'

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Default Our Clever and cunning Plan

Hello again

Since my rant and upset over the drugs hideous dangerous side effects and the lack of knowledge amongst the medics and lack of support from my adult family members

I have news!

My husband who previously didnt help as he was addicted to 'crap' all those nasty white foods and sugar and high gi foods (which I happily eat if someone sticks it on my plate but dont buy or cook out of choice) - read the leaflet that came with the drugs prescribed.

He is as horrified as I am.

So he has committed - I sincerely hope he stays that way - to supporting our son naturally and not using those drugs!!

We now need to get my daughter (22) and her fiance (26) on board too - they are only living with us for a few months but we need to get things straight now.

I had a problem - my son has always been argumentative about improving his grades - he would tell me he didnt care how he did, he didnt want to be a nerd/geek. No matter how many discussions we had he maintained that stance.

Today after the doctors appointment (before I discovered how disgusting the side effects were) we left hopeful that my son would be able to concentrate at school and improve. It is the first time I have heard my son say (with a smile on his face) that he really wants to do better, get in higher grade classes and be able to work more easily. That made me sad Because in that moment i realised something quite momentus - my son never before believed he could improve so he never wanted to.

The doc was so convincing about this wonderdrug that we both bought into the crap.

She didnt even know that the frontal cortex is the main part of the brain affected by adhd - she said they dont know that for sure - huh - she doesnt seem to know much that for sure.

So - the clever and cunning plan. We dont want to spoil my sons belief that he can improve. So I have told him the doctor realised she gave him the wrong prescription and his dad is getting a new one tomorrow. We will put a vitamin in the pot and maintain that it will help him.

I dont know how helpful this placebo will be but in the meantime we will be improving his diet (all of us!) and introducing regular exercise (recommended for the natural route - see Dr Amen) - lots of positive energy and praise and healthy food.

For now, he will still have his 'sweets' on a Saturday and that will be the only 'poisonous food' he has.

I sincerely hope this will work and I will pop back to let you know.

If it does work, I am going to write an ebook to help others. I am already building a healthy whole you website which will offer discussions around the healthiest way to live and recover from illness etc.

I want that website to be all about people helping people. Talking about the things that helped them.

Fingers, toes and everything else crossed that my family all remain diligent and positive and my son begins to improve his self esteem
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