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Old 06-28-2011, 02:05 AM
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Default Avelox Allergic Reaction

I was given avelox for my sinus infection. i thought it was only a 5 day dose because it was given to me by my doctor at the office as samples and i had some in a bag and and as i found out i had two more my pocketbook so it actually was a 7 day prescription. I took it for 5 days and at that time it worked awesome. Totally cleared my sinus infection without any problems. When I found the other two packets of pills in my pocketbook about a week later i put them in my medicine cabinet (for the next time). I started getting a sore throat with brochontis so i took an avelox saturday morning. Within in 15 mins, my body was burning from the inside with tingling, in my feet, my head, my chest it would rotate everywhere. That continued along with massive itching,my hands turned white and hives started to pop out. Once it came to point that i couldn't form words to talk, my husband called 911. Instantinly started with a benedryl drip and had the epi pen ready if needed. I couldn't hold up my arms for them to take my blood pressure, i couldn't sit up on my own for them to listen to my chest it was like i was catatonic (sp). I could hear people but i couldn't talk and everything was so loud. The ER put me on a heart monitor but i kept trying to tell them my chest was feeling funny. But because i was breathing without a problem i guess they didn't care so they sent me home after only being there for an hour. My chest still burns and tingles every once in a while the palputations are horrible. I called my doctor he put me on a zpack and predisone. Neither are stopping the fluttering in my chest. I am going to my doctor tomorrow. PLEASE BEWARE!

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