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Old 01-02-2012, 06:40 AM
riveranm riveranm is offline
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Default please help

My daughter is 16 had passed out in school and went into a seizure,first eeg normal then overnight eeg abnormal Dr says looks like generalized primary epilepsy.I started her on keppra two nights ago and she is already having cry in spells,bad moods nd saying she thinks she will die from this condition or medicene,I have no I site as I know no one with this disorder or taking this meds,do u think I should keep her on it nd see if she adjusts?she started with one 500mg at night nd in a week 2x daily nd I'm scared that will make her even more depressed..any advice will help as her Dr doesn't wanna see her again for a month and gave me the news over the phone..feel lost
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Old 01-11-2012, 01:48 AM
ladybug88 ladybug88 is offline
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i've been taking keppra for almost 5 years now. i was 16 when i had my first seizure, and i am still going through the same thing your daughter is going through. i don't even remember how i use to be before i started taking keppra. my parents are always getting on my case for not being the same "little girl" i use to be, but they just dont understand that i can't help it. i've tried to tell them over and over again that i can't help it. every night i cry myself to sleep because i know that tomorrow won't be any better. if you want advice, i would really listen to your daughter because these feelings are real, i go from happy to sad to mad to crying to every other possible mood back to back for no reason. ive been suicidal, still think about it every day. i hardly get sleep, i keep a migrane, i'm tired and sore all day every day. after a while you just wake up knowing what your day is going to be like. ive had eople call me bi polar and other hurtful names, but they don't know the truth inside. i can't stand baing on keppra, but its keeping me from having seizures. just please listen to your daughter.. but i hope this really helps you out
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Old 01-24-2012, 02:11 AM is offline
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Talking Jed

I have had two brain tumors since i was 16yrs old and i just had my last one one in Januray 2011, I have been taking Keppra for i year bit now my parents and i have notice some changes ,my mood, agressivness, sores on my face and chest, i have gain weight also even though i go to the gym i can not loss the weight, get fatigue and i have highs and lows.

When i had my first Brain Tumor the Doctors put me on a drug call Phenytoin now it has some side effect but not as bad as Keppra. I was on the Drug for 10yrs. The side effect of Phenytoin the you can look up youself, i am just saying there are other medicines out there for you to try. I would recommed Phenytoin. Even though i has some side effect for me like memory problems, hand shaking, poor concerntration but it was minor but i think that was partly because the Doctors had their hands in my brain I would talk to your doctor about this drug. Phenytoin has been around since 1908 so you now it has a proven record of working. Keppra may work for some people but it is new to the market.

The whole reason i was put on a epilepsy drug was because i had post op and pre op seizures. I am not saying Phenytoin will work for you. But i hope it does help you Riveranm. Riveranm & Ladybug88 i would suggest that you have a talk with your Doctor because your daughter and you cant go on living like that talk to him/her about Phenytoin you have nothing to lose.

Jed New Zealand
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