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Old 01-12-2012, 10:02 PM
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Default Trileptal seizures/ADHD

My grandaughter has always been a handful. Always on the go, getting into things,very aggressive. She had her first seizure at 17 months of age. A grand mal, which left her with some brain damage, and no use of her right arm and leg. She completely recovered from all of these problems within a few weeks. After a few months Medicaid decided they wouldn't pay for her medicine anymore. My daughter and son-in-law could not afford the $1000.00 a month, and so the Dr. decided to take her off the medicine to see if it may have been a one time thing. She is 4 now, and she's had no problems, or so we thought. She has always had a problem with vomiting when she gets upset, overheated, or plays to hard. Recently she started making movements as if she were getting sick, but trying to swallow it back down. It wasn't until she started foaming at the mouth and making repetitive movements with hands, that we realized she was seizing. So we took her to the hospital, then the neurologist. She has started trileptal, 2.5 ml twice a day for three days. We are to raise her dose every 3 days until she is at her full dose. Today is day three of the 2.5 ml. The seizures are gone. The problem is, she is uncontrollable. She has boundless energy. She is very mean. She can't stay on task at all. She says she wants a sandwich, she takes one bite, then she wants something else. I can't live with this child much longer. Has anyone else had an experience like this, with Trileptal? Do you know if it will improve with time?
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