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Default Protonix

I am over sixty years of age and have had ulcers numerous times with all the attending symtomatic side effects for over thirty years. Doctors had me on Taqamet and other supposed high potency meds with no beneficial results, only noxious side effects. I had been suffering with excruciating stomach pain with attendant acid reflux, weight loss, migrain headaches, diarhea and loss of memory, ad nauseum for the past five years and finally had to resort to 20mg of Morphine per day just to get a slight bit of rest each night. I was sure I had a massive ulcer recurrence but my Doctor examined me and said I had no ulcers but only major overproduction of gastric acid and put me on Protonix (40mg) per day with evening meal. The first night I slept like a baby and have ever since. I have not had any adverse side effects, have gained over forty pounds of weight (up to normal range), have energy that I had forgotten I could have since I was in my early twenties and feel thirty years younger. This sounds amazing -- well it is! Especially since no other medication ever gave me any measureable relief.
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