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Old 12-03-2005, 06:00 AM
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Default I quit this drug

I was on Provigil for about 8 months, I started having a numb senation around my left ear, and I was having trouble reading small print, This was all new to me, I called my Doctor and went in for a check up, I had to under go tests for Temporal Arteritis, this was checked by blood tests, and and Cat scan, I felt horrible. The Doctor has since taken me off this medication, and Im starting to feel better, It's a slow process. But I was very upset and had to wait days to get the reports back from the tests I under went. Please be careful of this drug. Im not using it ever again. I'll sleep late, and not worry about not having the energy to get up early.<br>I could have lost my eye sight. Thats scary.<br>Joy
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