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Old 05-25-2005, 05:00 AM
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Default strattera and suicide

My 16 year old is a wonderfully happy and bright child, however unfocused and forgetful in school. He began his 4th ADD medication Strattera after the first 3, Addoral, Concerta and Focalin made him very upset, anxious and emotional a couple weeks after going on them. After the first 2 medications did not show a clear improvement and instead showed intolerable side-effects, I wanted to accept lifes imperfections and just manage our child through his developmental stages medication-free.My husband wanted a "magic bullet", although I don't blame him because the doctors and the advertisements and literature on these drugs make you question why any parent would put up with any ill behavior when you can simply take a pill!<br><br>After 3 weeks on Strattera, and yet another emotional meltdown where my child is feeling that he hatedhimself and his life (he never felt this way prior to trying any ADD medication) 1 week after stopping the medication 80mg cold turkey cause he refused to take anymore, my son tried to take his own life. Parents out there PLEASE PROCEED CAUTIOUSLY WHEN YOU PUT YOUR CHILD ON THESE MEDICATIONS. WE LIVE IN NYC HAVE BEEN AT THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST DOCTORS IN THE FIELD FOR THIS SUBJECT MATTER. THIS IS ALL UNCHARTED WATERS HERE FOR THE DOCTORS. THE DOCTORS AND THE DRUG COMPANIES MAKE YOU BELIEVE THAT THERE ARE SIMPLE SOLUTIONS TO WHAT BASICALLY ARE COMPLEX PROBLEMS THAT GET RESOLVED OVER THE LIFE OF A CHILD.<br>This week I almost lost my childs life. <br><br>I am appauled when I read that parents have 6 year old children on these medications. I think that parentsould take the medication themselves first and see just how horrible these drugs can make one feel. If anyone would like to join me in a group to make other parents aware just how dangerous these drugs can be please e-mail me at We live in a society where we want instant results. Parents, myself included resist taking the time to really listen to what is going on out there. Believe me, if I had reseached this drug and taken the time to question and heard that there are kids who have been happy and healthy but just not living up to their academic potential, that take a drug and in 3 weeks try to take their own life????????? Our children are being used as guinea pigs for the doctors and the drug companies. It is simply too easy to just give your child a pill. <br><br>I know there are people out there that are being helped by these drugs. However, there are many other children who are sleeping when they should be awake, not hungry when the should be eating, feeling anxious when they could be feeling happy, and just a general turning their world upside down.<br>There are serious potential side effects here and the truth about these drugs needs to come out. I almost lost my sons life this week and I need to tell his story. Please e-mail me at
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Old 12-03-2005, 06:00 AM
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Default No Subject

My husband's ex just had my step daughter put on Strattera and Prozac combination. I have a sick uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. First of all I do not think she needs the meds. I think her mother is using SD behavior issues to seek money through SSI. I know this sounds crazy but you would have to know this person. I am so worried about SD. I hope you son is recovering.
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