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Old 12-03-2005, 06:00 AM
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Default Bad Side Effects-Straterra

This is my 6th day on Straterra, I'm 28 yrs old, and recently diagnosed w/ adhd. However, I was diagnosed when I was 6 however my parents didnt believe in medicating at that time. The strattera was given b/c it would not cause sleeplessness, however the other side effects are terrible. I started the first 3 days on 25mg, and the following 60mg (I'm 119lbs, 5'5") I am nauseaus every morning even when taken with food. I immediately have to lie down b/c of the nauseau, exhaustion and chills, as well as my heart pounding. After that ends about 30-45 min later, I get extrememly moody, agitated and very short tempered. I also feel sad like I want to cry every minute, I have never been sad or depressed before this medication. I don't think Ive noticed any improvements in concentration, I just feel more tired and lethargic, I much more enjoyed my hyperness than this sad, lazey state. I have a 24 days left in my prescription bottle and am wondering if these effects will diminish by then or if I should call it quits already. I have 2 children and a husband and it's not fair for me to be so angry and moody for no reason. Please let me know if any of you have had the go away in the course of a month or so?
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