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Old 09-12-2007, 02:36 PM
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I've been on Sustiva-Truavad for about 1 week now. First 2 days I was feeling dizzy/tired in the morning until about noon. Now it's gone and I feel great. I take both at midnight before going to bed and I stop eating any food after 8pm (no caffeine, no sugar, no alcohol) SO far so good. No rash, no vivid dream and I've been sleeping well. So now I tried to see what would happen if I stayed up past midnight after taking my meds...1 hour later just a litle dizzy. 2 hours later feeling drunk/stined and 3 hours later it is pretty intense for about another hour and a half. Fell like I smoked intense weed and I even have bloodshot eyes. Then starts coming back down to a light stoned feeling and I go to bed and wake up perfectly in the morning. I think it's best to drink a lot of water when u take your helps. Having no caffeine, sugar or alchohol helps to ensure a good night sleep. After all this...I can just say I feel lucky that it's been so good so far and I feel lucky that Sustiva & Truvada are available to me in 2006! What's a little dizziness?
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