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Default Temodar

I used Temodar for my 2"x2"x3" anaplastic astrocytoma tumor. Surgery first (100% removal). We combined radiation with the Temodar, intending to take the breaks (30 days on, then 2 weeks off) when they came out with the study saying just keep on it. I had regular CT's (can't do MRI's), finally after 6 months had a PET and found no live cancer cells! Yea! Six month Temodar treatment, but I can't remember length on radition treatment (6 weeks, daily?)<br><br>Since the tumor was Stage III, we elected to continue the Temodar for 6 more months. We got 2 months into the elective use and I developed a very serious case of double pneumonia, so ICU, respirator and a drug induced coma for 4 days. Result of the life-saving medical treatment was near total atropy of leg muscles and I couldn't walk - inpatient rehab needed for 2 weeks. I had to use a walker and wheelchair, but I'm doing well now, almost 2 months to the day after my health event.<br><br>"They" say that the form of pneumonia that I had is the one that kills most of the AIDS patients - and that many chemo (not necessarily just Temodar patients) get it also because of the depleted immune system. I know very little beyond this, but I am torqued because that was supposed to be a wonderful thing about this drug that it does not destroy the immune system.<br><br>But the good news is, tumor is gone!<br>
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