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Old 12-03-2005, 06:00 AM
pat raub
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Default terrible side effects

my husband started taking tikosyn for atrial fibrillation on aug 2 2004 under a 3 day monitoring period spent in the hospital. he was fine until, approximately sept sept 23rd 2004. he began to experience an irregular heartbeat, fatigue, shortness of breath, stomach pain. he went for checkup on sept 30, 2004. dr was cardiologist was mystified and thought it was related to mis-setting of pace maker. went back on oct 14, 2004 and had now developed edema in ankles. dr took him off tikosyn. here we are on nov 25, 2004 with some subsiding of symptoms but not all gone. this is a man who was leading a normal active life until starting tikosyn and never experienced any of the above symptoms. after really researching, found that 2-3% experience them. why are they not mentioned in full in accompanying leaflet? why was physician not aware of these classic symptoms as adverse side effects? will my husband ever get back to the healthy active man he was pre-tikosyn?
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