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Old 12-03-2005, 06:00 AM
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Default Trileptal-Seizure Disorder

My daughter had been on Tegretol since she was 12 for a seizure disorder at 20 years old her WBC was low, and was switched to Trileptal. Around 13 days into the new medicine she started running a fever and vomiting. That week we visitied the family doctor, emergency room, mid week she was wobblie on her feet and had double vision and was taken off of the Trileptal as an allergic reaction. We visited the neurologist the next day, she was so weak I had to wheel chair her into the office. They sent her home saying it was a virus to take Ativan for a couple weeks until she was better before starting her on another seizure medication. That night with her still vomiting and fever, she started having seizures, by the next morning we called the squad and went to another local emergency room. The doctor did a spinal tap, cat scan, chest x-ray, and labs and found out she was in kidney failure. She was transported to Children's Hospital ICU. After a week in the hospital, we found out that the FDA has issued a drug warning on Trileptal. (issued 4/18/2005) My daughter was in the hospital for three weeks. With Acute Renal Failure, Hepatitis, Pacreatitis, and respiratory distress with pulmonary edema. (all caused by Trileptal)!!! It even completly wiped out her WBC and neurtraphils. She got ill on April 10th, her kidneys, liver, labs are all better now, but we are still not able to get her seizures under control. She was 8 years seizure free on Tegretol. She is currently taking Tompamax, Keppra, and Ativan, was just finally weaned off of Neurontin. Please everyone read the FDA drug warning for this awful drug. Before my daughter got sick she had just finished her winter quarter at college and was on spring break. She's not able to go to school, drive, work, or have any kind of life right now the medication she is on she mainly sleeps, and cannot be left alone.
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