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Old 12-03-2005, 06:00 AM
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Default SOM

I've been on trileptal for about 5 months for treatment of an uncommon eye problem known as "superior oblique myokymia" or SOM for short.<br>Partial seizures where cranial nerve 4 coming in contact with the superior oblique eye muscle causes the eyeball to rotate in spasm .. flicker like... one eye only ... usually the right. Otherwise, I'm well. I don't take it in conjuction with other strong drugs. <br>Having first been on Neurontin (2400 mg./day) for my problem and experiencing all the zombie like side effects .. to no avail, my neurologist swithced me to Trileptal. I take 200 mg./day. One 100 in the morning and another at bedtime. It's made a world of difference.<br>My vision was chronically disturbed prior to any treatment and still while on the Neurontin. Neurontin didn't help at all. I could hardly drive a car. My eye is quiet now (95% of the time). While the seizures are controlled trileptal hasn't been a cure. It's a way to maintain. I don't really want to go to a higher dosage. Almost no real side effects. If anything over time I think that it may be affecting my mood somewhat.<br>Seems that I'm a little down at times where I'm normally in good spirits.<br>It would be nice to have some data on the cumulative effect of the drug on ones body over time. If anyone has any I'd appreciate an updater<br>
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