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Old 05-09-2008, 01:28 PM
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Default B12 deficiency

My hsband was diagnosed with low B-12 level after visitng a neurologist for memory problems. Could the welchol, which he has been on for 4 months, caused his stomach to not absorb B-12, which in turn causes dementia. Has anyone heard of this or experienced this??
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Old 07-11-2009, 05:04 AM
Don Weathers Don Weathers is offline
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Smile B12 Deficiency

To: Hobigirl: I've never posted anything before. Stumbled onto your post and saw no answer. I am a physician {Welchol not my specialty, but dementia is}. It's highly unlikely Welchol caused your husband's dementia, as it affects fat; whereas, B12 is water soluble. B12 Dementia is TREATABLE (reversibility depends on various factors, but you must treat the cause). Be sure you have measured Methylmalonic Acid and Fasting Homocysteine. These studies are more sensitive than vitamin B12 levels, and Methylmalonic Acid is by far the best way of following the biological response to treatment (and is the biochemical intermediate that causes neurological damage). A skilled diagnostician may pick up on this diagnosis at bedside (in 20 seconds) by testing proprioception. Generally treatment is I.M. B12 (injection), but oral treatment may be ok if you are following Methylmalonic Acid. Also, you should consider vascular causes of dementia--i.e. high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes--etc.--could be factors. Good luck and God Bless you and your husband. Drmidi
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Old 02-15-2010, 02:40 AM
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Default B12 & Welchol

My doctor never told me this, but I've taken B12 tablets and CoQ10 daily since being prescribed Welchol. I was able to graduate from a Master program and take state, city and federal exams and passed. My memory could be better but
I'm not complaining.
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