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Old 11-08-2007, 08:19 PM
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Default pulmicort use for 9 year old girl

BTW, my sons asthma specialist who is highly respected in his field from CHildren's hospitol of pgh. tells me I can start the pulmicort whenever someone else is sick in the house or my son starts with a cold. HE HAS VIRAL ASTHMA NOT ALLERGIES> Also, he has not had an attack all summer, but has had two this fall wich were handled this way. If your daughter has allergies it may be different for her. If it is not allergy season, I would personally take her off the pulmicort. If she gets a flare up or cold, quickly put her back on temporarily till better.Even though it does take at least 24 hrs to get into the system, and 1-2 weeks to work at full strenght, she isnt wheezing all the time. If she does start wheezing use the albuterol or Xopenex to control it every 4-6 hrs, decreasing use as gets better. This prevents using the oral steroid,of course only if the attack is not too severe. Be cautious of overuse of Xopenex, it can be detrimental to the heart. He told me it was safe to use it for the week (4-5x's the first day or two every 4 hrs., 4-3 times the second or third day, and then 1-2 times last couple days, es. before bed and upon rising.) adjust to less as needed. If this does not work with her, then she needs to be on the pulmicort all the time, until maybe she has a growth spurt then you can try again.
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