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Default Asthma med use

My son is 3 and started with asthma at 4 months old due to RSV. Needless to say I have a lot of trial and error with different meds. The albuterol does not agree with him, it made him go into a hyper-almost seizure-like state. The singulair made him extremely aggresive, and after a while started to do the same thing. (Although it worked for preventing wheezing, of course we stopped it)<br> So what we use... The Xopenex works well enough but still makes him aggressive and hyper but can take it. It definately takes away his appetite. He refuses to eat barely anything and is so difficutlt. Normally an easy going kid. The flovent we just started using with a chamber instead of pulmicort with a nebulizer, I think is also too strong becuase it is also making him aggresive. I think I will go back to using the pulmicort, but this seemed to possibly cause sinus trouble last year. <br>I know how frustrating this is. It's absolutely gut wrenching to see your baby, or little one laying there at night trying to breathe and his stomach sucking in with all those noises. One thing I highly recommend is to purcahse a stethoscope and learn how to use it!!! The wheezing sounds like a whistle or creaking whenever the breath comes out. It should sound like air flow in and out. Just like your breath. If you dont hear air coming out, that could mean pnuemonia. But you have to listen carefully, dont confuse stomach sounds with chest sounds. Ask your pediatrician to show you and it could save a lot of dr. visits! God Bless you and your little ones. Best of luck!
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