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Default Black Tongue

The doctor prescribed Xopenex and Pulmicort to be used in a nebulizer for my 7 month old grandson. They use the Xopenex during the day and for the evening treatment, she told them to combine the Pulmicort with Xopenex. I have several concerns: 1. The instructions say for 6 yrs & older. 2. The Pulmicort says "Do not combine with any other medications". 3. Since being on this, my grandson has developed a black tongue - only towards the back of his throat. The doctor said in 25 years she has never seen this. Has anyone else? She did a culture, at our insistence, and said it is not a fungus, but did not have any other explanation for what it is.
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Old 01-23-2009, 09:48 PM
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It is my understanding that Pulmicort can cause Fungal infections in the throat and on the tongue. I would get a second opinion and retest your grandson. Doctor's truly don't have all the answers.
I have Asthma too and I am seeing a Naturopathic Doctor who is actually helping me with this problem. Steroid inhalers do not cure. I take Xopenex on an as needed basis and very seldom need it, even less each day now. I believe the approach to this widespread disease such as has been neglected and needs more attention. Many of the reasons those of us have asthma is allergic responses to outside stimuli. It can be environment, such as gas heaters, chemical sprays and even in our foods, in my case, sugar and dairy products. I have never had one Doctor ask me what I was eating or breathing. Many only seem to know what the Big Pharmaceutical Companies tell them, ironically, as they do receive perks for prescribing these dangerous medications. Your grandson is young and now is a good time to get him on a very healthy diet and hopefully seek the advice of a Naturopathic Physician who's motto is "to do no harm".
Good luck to you.

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