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Default Tequin

After finishing a round of amoxocillin and then a z-pac for a sinus infection I was given Tequin,on my 7th day now. Was in the ER 5 days ago with loss of vision, dilated pupil in right eye, shaking hands. Blood work showed slightly elevated blood sugar level, ct showed normal, all other tests normal. ER doctor (bed side manner stinks!) said I just need new glasses. Next day went to family doctor, more tests, blood sugar level down, diabetes negative, another ct, ordered an MRI. Next evening blood sugar level low, hands trembling, headache, pressure behind the eyes. MRI was normal....getting very frustrated. Now doctor wants me to see neurologist. I feel horrible, can't tell if sinus problem is gone because of headache and pressure behind the eyes, dizzy, hands tremble, right eye dilated again, migraine. Now I think it is simply the Tequin! Thank you all for your messages...more than the doctor has told me! I am going to stop taking the Tequin and see what happens.
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