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Old 11-29-2005, 06:00 AM
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Default mood swings!!

I have been on BC Pills for 3 and a half years now, so my body is well adjusted to the pill. I just started taking Yasmin 3 weeks ago, and already my boyfriend AND my mother are begging (well, more like demanding) I go back to my old pill (Nortrel - which had absolutely no side effects. I switched to Yasmin because of 5 months of free samples from my doctor)!! I feel depressed, I cry A TON about ridiculous things, mostly relationship-related (and my relationship is totally fine too.) I feel incredibly needy, sad, sensitive and clingy. Oh, and I am incredibly snappy. And, once never capable of adopting an attitude, now it's a piece of cake! And I am normally a mentally sane, outgoing, happy, bubbly 23 year old with a great life and nothing to complain about. This all started happening once i took the pill. I am calling my obgyn right after i submit this comment, and going back on Nortrel. If you want to maintain GOOD relationships, do NOT take Yasmin! It makes you crazy! NO JOKE!
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