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Old 12-03-2005, 06:00 AM
John B Smith
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Default Pneumonia treatment

After being sick with what I thought was just a cold or the flu for about a week, went to the doctor. He took x-rays and initially prescribed arythromyacin (not sure about spelling). After 2 days on that with no improvement, he prescribed tequin after seeing some pneumonia in the lungs. Within 24 hours went from feeling almost dead to significantly improved. Don't know if the initial drugs worked toward the speedy turnaround or if it was the tequin by itself. Now on 3rd day of 10 day prescription and feeling much better, although quite weak and tire easily. Based on other info on pneumonia I've read about pneumonia recovery, this appears to be a typical recovery symptom. Fortunately no other symptoms such as those describe in other comments as of the 3rd day.
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