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Old 09-13-2007, 04:19 PM
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Default Everything but the kitchen sink!

8/9/07<br>I had my first (and last!) yearly infusion of Zometa on 5/22/07. Woke the next morning with pain throughout my body. After several days of this, I went to my my doctor, who prescribed Percocet and 800 mg doses of ibuprofen and regaled me with tales of her own several-years-earlier very bad reaction to Zometa . <br><br>By 5/26, I had constant charley horses in my legs--was prescribed an antispasmodic, which helped immensely. <br><br>By 5/28, had pain in left eye, which soon spread to become a trying and persistent headache. Both eyes became inflamed, and I looked like I had tumors overhanging them (actually fluid-filled sacs). Developed double vision. Saw my ophthalmologist, who prescribed Patanol.<br><br>Suffered mild depression (not sure if that was a side effect or an emotional response to all my physical symptoms) and loss of appetite. <br><br>Am finally feeling reasonably normal (the double vision began to clear about a week ago), and am 10 pounds lighter, which I didn't need.<br><br>Will have to decide what to do for my arimidex-incurred osteoporosis next May. Scary. Don't want anything in the Zometa family for obvious reasons, and want to avoid anything with a long half-life, like Fossomax (10 years!), as it would be just my luck to tempt the ONJ thing to come my way!<br><br>To be fair, my extreme reaction to Zometa was apparently quite rare. Both my infusion folks and my oncologist say they routinely give Zometa with no ill effects.
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