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Old 12-03-2005, 06:00 AM
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Default zonegram w bipolar

Have bipolar2, diagnosed about a year ago, been stable moodwise last 6 months on lamictal, lexapro and wellbutrin, was able to get off seroquel and neurontin. Still unable to get any quality sleep, toss, turn, jerk and twitch and unable to lose weight. Gained 40-50lbs w/all the antidepressants they tried last 5 years before realizing I was bipolar. Anyway, Dr. started me on Zonegran about 5 days ago, 100mg for 2 weeks, then 200 mg. Already sleeping better! I did have a migraine the 3rd day, but don't know if it was related. Since then have had some dizziness, and experiencing the intenstinal stuff, gassy, stomach ache. Don't care much if I eat or not, but my stomach actually feel better when I do. I appreciate all the comments and experience. Why all these phsyc meds have to cause sleepiness, dizziness when we already feel that way due to depression is crazy, but I've overcome those side effects on all my other meds am hope this one won't be any tougher. Real sleep, less migraines and a few less pounds are all things that will improve the quality of my life and hope you all find you success too!
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