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Default Cruel World

I just was switched to this med from Neurontin and I am scared after reading all of these comments. I have been so depressed, suffered kidney stones, Degenaritive Disc disease, Facet Joint arthritis, and suffer with serious nerve pain at 30YO with 2 kids. I was on Welbutrin and found myself for the first time in an accident from a BLACK OUT SIEZURE while driving. I am now being charged with DUI because I am also on pain meds (PRESCRIBED!) and all the cops and DA care about is the pain meds that I am stable on and have been for almost a year at the same doses! I do not get how they can charge someone for an accident like that. I was the only person involved in the accident and did not do any dammage to anything but my mother in laws car that I was driving, like that is not bad enough. Now I am looking at jail time money and a DUI on my record for doing as I was told by the DR. Seems so cruel to me. IF you have had this happen to you or have a suggestion please E-mail me?? Everyone else: I have learned the hard way that any med can get you a DUI and you do not have to do a thing wrong either!! Please, if there is any side effects that could possibly cause a problem be careful and do not drive. I really know what it can do to you. It has been over 6 months and I am still haunted by this whole thing, no sight for an end soon.<br>Sad and hopeless\<br>Jen
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