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Old 12-02-2005, 06:00 AM
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Default please help

i need some help please<br>i have a wonderful son age 22, who has had seizures since he was 2 he was a premie, born at 231/2 weeks gestation,he has been on every medication except 2 for seizures and nothing helps, although the vns has helped more than anything as of yet.<br>he started with status seizures,then they quit altogether when he was 7 for a year and when thy started back up they came back with a vengence,so bad thru purberty to the point i couldnt let him go because the med they had gave me for the onset of gran mals was only to be administered by an rn. he has the best personality.<br>he is on a combination of 9 meds and still no end in sight,if he goes to physcial therphy he seizes that night,if he goes anywhere or does anything that requires any physcial activity he'll seize that night,now he has started to see a heart dr,gastro dr,ans a sleep study has been scheduled,anlong with an seizure specialist, oh and he has a vns (which has been a miracle to us)<br>now the question i have is john has severe mood swings once in a great while and never has he ever talked about killing himself until we increased the zonegran has anyone else had this problem, he takes so much med that i wonder if it could be just the zonegran or the combo of all the mind you john is a very intelligent young man trapped in a body that has seizures and that is the handicap, he is also totally blind but from the oxygen at birth <br>please feel free to email me<br>with any and all comments<br>thanks so much for all your time<br>donna<br>the meds he is taking<br>keppra 3000mg daily<br>trileptal 2400mg daily<br>phenobarbital 45mg daily (floater)<br>zonegran 200mg daily<br>ativan 2mg daily<br>nifedipine (blood pressure)<br>protonix (gastro)<br>versed for the onset of gran mals<br>diastat gel<br>vns implanted 2000<br>suction machine (that helps so mch during seizures)<br>
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Default Zonegran

My husband has been recently diagnosed with epilepsy and was given Keppra. We went to a specialist a few weeks ago, and the Doctor talked to us about his mood and anger issues. He stated that the major side affect to Keppra is mood swings and anger. The have been tapering him off the Keppra and he has greatly improved. He started Zonegran and I have not seen any mood or anger problems. I will never let my husband take Keppra again.
Check with your sons doctor about taking him off Keppra.
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