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Old 04-26-2009, 06:38 AM
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Default what's the best alternative to Protonix?

I've been taking Protonix since 2005. First I got samples, then when I wanted a prescription, insurance company said I had to try Aciphex and Rantidine first. I tried Rantidine (2 a day) with little results, Aciphex wasn't any better, I even used Sucralafate 3 times a day, It works great for when I've eaten something that makes my stomach burn as it coats the stomach. It doesn't prevent acid production like Protonix. Any samples I got of Protonix - it was like a miracle and the pain was all gone.

by Jan 2006 Blue Cross put Protonix on the list of acceptable brand name drugs they cover. I only have to take one in the morning and only occassionally take a sucralafate. Protonix was $50 for a three month supply, then a year or so ago the price dropped to $30 for 3 month supply -- I noted the addition of the word "generic" added on the bottle label, even tho inside it was still regular Protonix... Another pharmacist said maybe the mail order pharmacy was trying to use up the brand name pills but was charging me for the generic. Hmmm.

At the end of last year, the Insurance mail order co. sent me a form for my doctor to renew the prescription... but I am angry and shocked to tell you, they charged me FOUR TIMES the amout they had been charging me. looks like they've taken Protonix off their perferred list now, and didn't inform me or my doctor, nor did they tell me of the price change BEFORE charging me for it!! Why would they reduce the price, mark it generic and now take it off their list and charge me 4x the price?

Did this happen to anyone else?

So I'm going to have to find some other acid reducer. I'd be grateful for a generic priced alternative.

I have had no health problems from taking Protonix all these years, taking 40m pill once a day - with exception to when I'm ill with stomach flu - then I have to take it twice a day as my stomach is in overload producing acid.

If you're on a strong acid reducer, you have to keep something on hand (prescription) to stop vomiting if you get to that point.... because without being able to take an acid reducer, your stomach will be producing 2 to 3 times the normal acid, then you end up with an endless cycle of vomiting and producing a belly full of acid, causing more nausea. If you can't stop vomiting, you won't be able to keep any Protonix down to stop that acid. It usually causes hoarseness too, due to all the acid burning your throat.

I think you're going to need a pill after reading that last paragraph! ha!
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