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Old 11-08-2007, 08:21 PM
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My opinion is you're your own best doctor, but its different strokes for different folks. all of the comments that i have read thus far mention nothing about breast tenderness or enhancement while taking the pill. my experience was a little different. since my son was born in february, i guess you can say my breasts married my knees. i had a killer body and breasts until the baby. i tried EVERYTHING in the book, home remedies, herbal supplements, creams, you name it. nothing worked. i knew that my body lacked the production of estrogen (and im a smoker so that doesnt help) then i found out about the patch. the only thing was it gave me a rash and every time i put on a patch every patch change week, i threw up. ifelt preggo again. then i switched to the pill (ortho cyclen) recently from taking the patch for two months and i noticed within five days from taking the pill my breast feels like engorgement (when your breasts produce milk. you know, the painful feeling of swelling) and this is the first time i can say that a method like this is effective. thats MY reason for taking birth control. now that my breasts look a whole lot better (did i mention within five days?) im working on my stomach stretch marks now. i have a method that im trying if anyone wants to message me. im only 17 years old so you know im desperate because i need my youth back! (email:
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