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Old 09-05-2009, 08:23 PM
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Default Migraines and possible infertility

Before going on Ortho Evra if I got a headache I would just lie down and take a nap and it would go away. I never liked taking any form of medicine as I felt like medicine head even from tylenol or advil. I was on the patch for 3 years and ended up with such bad headaches that nothing would take them away. I was then diagnosed with migraines. I would get then 2x a month (cycle related) and they would last a week or longer. I also starting spotting midcycle in my 3rd year of the patch with breast tenderness. I had no other symptoms. We found out that the spotting and migraines were so bad because of the birthcontrol. I decided to go off them. I almost tried something else but only stuck with it for about two weeks and still had migraines so I just firgured I would do without. My migraines went down to maybe once a month and only lasting a few days. Now with chiropractic care, I only get them every now and then and they last just a couple of days (if that long). I don't know if I ever would have gotton migraines if I hadn't have been on the patch or if it just made them worse but now I am wondering if being on the patch has messed other things up for me. We have been trying to get pregnant for 7 months now with no luck. We have plenty of bd sessions and I am charting. It seems my hormones are all out of balance. I have been off the patch for 3 years now but have spotting at odd times (not always midcycle). My periods are short and somewhat light, then I will spot for several day, then nothing, then start spotting again a week after I origionally started and a day or two after my period has comepletly ended. My period comes too soon after ovulating (at least I am doing that) that I am affaid it doesn't give a viable egg enough time to implant. I also get some heart palpatations now. I didn't notice before while on the patch so it may not be related. I have just read that other started getting with the patch. Mine seems like anxiety but I don't feel any reason to be anxious. They will just start up and be gone in minutes.
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