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Old 07-05-2005, 05:00 AM
Cathie Damron
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Default Actonel lingering effects

58 y/o female with hx of good health. Took daily Actonel for 28 days in Jan 2003. Experienced aching teeth, frozen jaw, double vision, numbness of forehead, tongue, chin, cheeks, neck, and extremities. Persistant headaches, irregular heartbeat and esophogus spasms. Neck and spine pain. Sensation of being cold throughout my body and my skin was burning. STOPPED TAKING ACTONEL!! After 5 months I started to feel like my health was coming back and I again had some energy. RESUMED TAKING ACTONEL in Jun 2003. Within two or three days all of the above symptoms began to return. STOPPED ACTONEL AGAIN....AND FOREVER. Now, a year plus later I continue to have problems with no energy, low immunity, and my lower legs constantly feel like they are frozen. I've had CAT scans, EMGs, nerve conductions, MRIs, heart tests, spinal taps and much more. My internist, 3 neurologists and a cardiologist find nothing wrong with me. I am anxious to learn if anyone else has experienced similar problems AND have you found a way to get rid of the numbness and tingling. I'm becoming desperate for an answer and tired of proping my feet on an electric space heater when the house temperature is 75 degrees. Of the 48 or so adverse reactions listed on the prescription packing list, I could identify with roughly 36 of them. While my doctor does not have knowledge of widespread problems with Actonel, she too, is convinced my problems all relate to having taken the Actonel. I would have never known the reason for the problems if I had not stopped taking the drug for four months and then starting it again. I am anxious for anyone who has suffered as I have to please respond to this message, especially if you have found a way to have these dreaded symptoms relieved. It is a living hell to have your legs feel like two slabs of frozen meat when the temperature is in the 70's.
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