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Old 09-09-2007, 11:56 PM
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Default Joint pain and hotflashes

I started taking actonal about 12 weeks ago. I read the material that listed possible symptoms. I am not much of a pill person. I occasionaly take ibuprophin and I also take strattera (adhd). About four or five weeks ago I started noticing pain in my right elbow. At first I thought it was because I had joined a bowling league and that I had strained my elbow. The pain continued, however, after the league was over. Last week I asked my doctor and she just told me that this was symptoms of the OA. However, the pain came on very suddenly, and though I have had joint pain in the past (in other areas) it has never been like this. It was and is pretty intense....and I have a very high tolerance to pain. After reading the information posted here, I am somewhat concerned about the pain. It gets worse if I try to lift something or if I move my arm suddenly. Bending it and straightening it both hurt, and if feels very very stiff. The pain shoots up and down my arm. In addition, and as an after thought, I am menapausal...I noticed that others here have discribed an increase in hot flashes....I have also noticed such. I think I am going to call my doctor and see what she has to say about it...Let me know if anyone else has recently experienced these symptoms. I am so sick of being told it is my age etc...I AM ONLY 40! My doctor also told me that I was unusualy young for now what? I cannot take calcium sups because they all contain shell fish...which I am allergic to...anyone else...please email or reply. <br>
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