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Default long-term use

To Gail. Yes I have been on Actonel for a number of years. I am bi-polar, so side effects overlap! I too had a complete hysterectomy in 1980 and suffered a lot of symptoms Hard to regulate HRT. <br>Actonel is not a favorite drug to take since I have acid reflux, but do it anyway. My doctor is always pleased to see the improvements in bone density tests each year. It seems to take a long time to dissolve even with drinking water and standing, etc. Just feel kinda sick and bloated. I have night sweats (even in cold weather, and freeze during the day! I live in florida!!!)<br>If this next bdt tests comes back good, I too would like to get off Actonel for awhile. It is hard for me to swallow, and I use Viactive candy, but forget most of the time!! I do get calcium in other foods. I am seeing an endocrnologist this week!! Wonder what he will find???
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