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Old 09-06-2007, 08:09 PM
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Default amerge, a little miracle pill

I have had migranes since i was a little kid. It started with an aura and then developed a whole of symptoms including distorted vision, numbness on any body part, vomiting until exhaustion and then the splitting migrane headed that would not get relief with any over the counter medication. Through the years some of the symptoms when i get the migrane have subsided, but i still get the headache with nausea and the is no medication that would relief it unless is Amerge. I have taken Imitrex and it makes me feel worse. Amerge is the only thing that works for me. Even when I have taken it when the headache is most intense in about 2 to three hours the headache is completely gone!! I call it a little miracle. Thank God and whoever made this medicatio. I can only wish it was not so expensive, I can only buy one or two at a time. At any rate, I am thankfull it is here and it really works!!!!!
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