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Default tequin

I was prescribed tequin for Pneumonia in January 2006 and became very ill with the following side effects: Severe stomach pain and severe diarrhea ,heartburn,regurgation, gas and bloating . Added to this misery was tendon pain in my groin and pain in my hip.Then ,despite the fact I was on antibiotics I got a sore throat and sore bright red tongue . I went to another Doctor who said I had a fungus infection of the mouth --I am 60 years old and never in my life have I reacted to an antibiotic in any way. I have also had pneumonia a couple of times and responded well to other antibiotics , some prescribed by the same Doctor. Why would he prescribe a new one for me when others worked well ? I am happy to hear that it is written up as a bad drug in relationship to diabetes-- it should be totally banned for all the other side effects --It is now 5 months since I have taken this drug and I am still noy fully recovered. The Doctors on the other hand will not acknowledge these side effects since they are not scientifically proven-- what other explanation could there be when these symptoms started after taking my first dose, and the more I took the worse I got . The following are the tests I had done trying to uncover the cause :5 chest x-rays,1 abdominal ultrasound, 1 abdominal C.T.scan and 1 Upper G.I. Scope, all with negative results.
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