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Old 12-03-2005, 06:00 AM
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Default how dangerous is this medication?

To Whom it may Concern,<br> I am a nurse and one of my patients is taking avodart. Me and all the other nurses here dispense this medication on a daily basis. We are all women and touch the capsule every day which is said to be contraindicated. Recently, this patient has had a GTube placed. The order was still in place to administer this medication via GTube. So we have been opening the capsule and the medication has of coarse come in contact with our skin as we were unaware of the contraindications. There were no warnings on the label from the pharmacy (ie. do not open or crush). So as you can imagine,we are a bit nervous about the situation. What are the long term side affects? None of us are pregnant, but some of us are within child bearing ages. We have been getting this medication on our skin every day for the past three weeks. Please email me to let us know.<br> Sincerely,<br> Missy M.LPN<br>
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Old 12-01-2007, 06:16 PM
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Default No Subject

If you are a nurse, first of all - no one dispenses medications, except for pharmacists and doctors - second, if you are in the medical profession why can't you ask this man's doctor about the administration of this drug throuh his G-tube? I'm sure he will or has let everyone know if they are at risk when handling this drug. And why can't you ask your own PCP about it? Last of all, Avodart is in capsule form that contains the liquid medication, so I'm somewhat concerned as to how you open the capsule to pour the medication into this man's G-tube - do you or the staff not wear gloves to do this procdure? Your concern sounds (how shall I say) oh, how about a "little fishy"! <br><br>Sounds like you need to "brush up" on your nursing and read more.<br><br>If I were you, I'd hate to have a complaint filed with the state, health department or nursing board on me asking such a question as you have.<br><br>Good Luck Missy, LPN
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