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Default Celexa/vertigo

I have been on Celexa 40mg for about a year for mild/acute anxiety/depression and my doctor said to wean about 8-9 months after my symptoms were alleviated. I went to 1/2 pill for 7 days, 1/4 a pill for 7 days, then skipped a day, took a 1/4 pill and stopped. I have had no anxiety or emotional problems from weaning at all (except some irritability but it's also PMS time so who knows!) However, like some of you, I have been experiencing some really awful dizzines/vertigo. It makes me a feel a little bit drunk, like if I take a corner too quickly, I will fall over. I am also having some sinus pressure and wonder if that might be a factor. I called my psychiatrist's office and they said it is a common withdrawal symptom and should go away on it's own in a couple of weeks.<br><br>As a a side note to some of you who think you may need to be on medication forever, please don't resign yourself yet! Any medication regimen for depression/anxiety should be accompanied by therapy with a licensed counselor. That is the only real way to be able to move past your issues and learn to cope so that you don't need the medication. I can honestly say that the medication was a very helpful tool during the most intense portion of my therapy and for that I am grateful. However, the therapy is what really got to the root of my problem and I am feeling more whole and healthy emotionally all the time. Good luck!
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