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Old 12-01-2011, 04:28 PM
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Red face concern of side affects

I am posting for any info from perhaps any post polio members who may be in here, or anyone who can tell me of side affects from symbicort inhalant.
I am an "old" polio survivor who has many many drugs that are in my medical record that I cannot take due to the above "curse" I am saddled with.

I know we are not to ever take Vesicare and this comes from Dr Richard Bruno head of poilio institute. I had a blocked artery end of July so was emergency stent put in. ever since have been going down hill , primary Dr wanted me to try Symbicort for shortness of breath so have been on it maybe 2 or more weeks. utter exhaustion seems to be worse now, burning across chest and upper arms ,feels like film in chest, and different than a heart attack. Is there reason to believe Symbicort might be the culprit? I cannot see any Vesicare being in it. Thank you for any replies akjoha
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