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Default Avodart and Flomax

I take both medications: one Avodart and two Flomax caps each morning together. I have had not side effects other than being very stiff and my legs to my feet hurt when I get up at night or in the morning. If I take a Lortab right after I awake and wait a few miutes, that seems to give me a "jump start" and I'm okay the rest of the day. I'm 58 years old, 160 pounds, and work out every day at the gym. These medications I had stopped taking and tried a new one, but it was terrible! It was like I had been before taking the Avodart and Flomax. I notified my doctor and he told me to discontinue the new drug and got back on the other two, and I'm back to as normal as I guess I'm ever going to be. When in doubt, call your doctor. It really worries me to hear about a nurse and pharmacy tech who don't know if they are being contaminated and they work with doctors and pharmacists who do know! I'd sure hate to depend on one of them to care for me, but unfortunately, I've been around the medical profession for many years in and out of hospitals and nursing homes and it's quite frightening to see and hear what some of the so called professionals say and do; and I hear and know it's not getting any better. The state nursing boards and schools are making it TOO easy for people to go to nursing school and pass them on mediocre grades! Be afraid - be very afraid if you or your loved on has to go to a hospital or nursing home!
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