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Default keppra -be careful

My 21 year old daughter has suffered all types of seizures for over 15 years with little or no control after years of trials with a number of drugs. She was prescribed clonazapan about 9 months ago with some success however it made her so drowsy and depressed that her quality of life was very poor. 3 weeks ago she was in hospital for seizure monitoring and after having 13 seizures in 3 days was prescribed a low dose of Keppra in conjunction with the clonazapan.. She was a zombie for the first week after starting the keppra and then became an emotional mess to the point where she went to her medicine cabinet and took handfuls of any of the drugs that were there, including keppra, clonazapan, t-3's, . Luckily she called her dad within minutes of doing this and received medical help right away. She doesn't have any reason for doing this and says she was having overwhelming feelings of sadness after being on the Keppra for 2 weeks. Maybe it was the combination of the 2 drugs and /or a reaction to the 3 days of seizures but she has had clusters of seizures before and has not acted so irrationally before. Using Keppra?? be careful!!
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