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Old 12-03-2005, 06:00 AM
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Default Lantus

<br><br>Ok my name is Elke and the reason im writing this here is because for the last 7 month i have been sick as a dog.... i started out shaking very badly while driving my car and ended up pulling over.... i never had any experience like this before... <br>i got started on Lantus this year and im not sure IF any of this has anything to do with Lantus but let me explain... I`m 43 years young and back in 1994 i was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes...<br>so i been taking oral meds for a long time but this year my Endocronologist<br>suggested Insulin Injections to me... i was terrified of shots but i took them<br>and much 2 my surprise it doesnt hurt at all if u do it correctly...<br>anyways... at first i was taking all my pills and 2 shots a day and my bloodsugar still was up.... i was taking Novolin 70/30 and all the oral meds... then i was put on Lantus with all of this....<br>my Blood sugar was wacked.....<br>so in may i was driving and all of a sudden i started to shake like never ever before and it scared me 2 death... My knees was shaking and my entire Body felt like it was going into Shock i suppose that's what it would feel like..... best i can explain... well after about 30 min i got my Nervs back 2 drive Home....but that scared me so bad.... I had a few more episodes like that... and then i developed this dizziness that was unbareable... it disabled me to the point where i couldnt even get off my sofa long enough to make a sandwich or check my Mail at the Mailbox...<br>My son has 2 shop for me...and run errands..... my eardrums hurt like hell...i am so dizzy and sick and trembling and my heart races...<br>3 month ago i got a diffrent Doctor.... and he told me i was overmedicated<br>and he took me off 20 mg of the Glucotrol xl wich i was taking 10 mg 4 of them daily and a total of 3 shots a day wich he cut down to 1 shot at night<br>of Lantus.... My blood pressure medication is making me cough like crazy <br>im an ARMY wife and Tricare SUCKS specially tricare prime in order to see a specialist you need a referal for everything... and it takes forever...<br>i been at Home sick for almost 8 month to this point... <br><br>still waiting to have an ENT do a ENG on me to find out what my dizziness cause is... and hopefully i will be symptom free before thanksgiving<br>i currently have a "good" day wich for me means i can sit up without feeling like im spinning like a drunk.. funny thing is i dont even drink<br>im suppose 2 see a neurologist again AFTER my ENG test and an MRI wich i already had a catscan done (and it came back good) Thank you Lord!!!<br>Please if you had any experiences like this email me .... im sorry for writing so much but gosh it sucks being diabetic and cancer survivor and now being dizzy 24/7 and not really knowing where it's from.... is it from Lantus? Is it from a mixture of these meds? Or Is it an Inner Ear Infection? email or comment i be happy 2 hear from you<br><br>here's what im currently taking<br>Glucophage 1 gm twice a day<br><br>Glucotrol 10 mg twice a day<br><br>Avendia 8 mg once a day<br><br>Metaprolol half of a 50 mg once a day<br><br><br>Zocor 40 mg at Bedtime<br><br>Aspirin 325 mg once a day<br><br>Ramipril 10 mg twice a Day<br><br>Lantus 28 units at night<br><br><br><br>
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Old 11-08-2007, 08:22 PM
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Default No Subject

I have also experienced extreme dizziness since taking Lantus. Also a racing heartbeat and cramps.
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