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Old 12-02-2005, 06:00 AM
Vicky White
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Default Xeloda

I have been on Xeloda for about 3 months. I have invasive lobular breast cancer that has spread to my ovaries, liver and groin. It was in my thorasic spine, but chemo and God took that one.<br>Xeloda is sort of my last hope since I have had so many infusions. <br>My cancer has not grown, but we will know more next month when I do another PET test. Xeloda makes me extremely tired, a little nauseaus, bad hand and foot syndrome, but I still go to work. I have tried utter cream, hydrocordizone cream, just about anything that will help. I dress according to what shoes I can wear. I have a pair of houseshoes under my desk. I think xeloda is great because it is chemo in a pill form, but I pray for the day when scientist can help with the side effects of chemo. I am 44 and if I have to live my life sick, or unable to function due to chemo, I will quit taking it and go home to my Lord.<br>Thank you to those of you who work so hard to find cures and treatments. I lost a brother to a brain tumor, my dad is dying of lung cancer and my sister had breast cancer but is in remission. Hers was a different type. I hate to see people suffer and I pray for the children who have to go through any of the treatments and surgeries I have had.<br>Thank You.<br>Vicky
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