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Old 09-13-2007, 04:18 PM
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Default lantus

Hi.<br>i have been a diabetic since 5yrs.old thats 49 yrs now.<br>Feel great and am taking lantus for past two yrs with novo rapid.<br>Sugars still bounce up and down re bad carb counting.<br>The problem I find with lantus is that it stopped having any effect other than peaking approx 8hrs after.<br>Taken twice daily 20 untits am and 10 units bedtime same time every day.<br>It worked great the first month or two and gradually doesn't seem to work at all.<br>I will spike quite rapidly unless i counter with the novo rapid when taking in very little carbs 20gms.<br>I also seemed to be more and more confused as of late.<br>Am on thyroxin as well as many blood pressure meds.
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