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Old 12-03-2005, 06:00 AM
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Default Tourettes and ADD

My daughter was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome last year at age 8 after watching the symptoms accumulate since age 6. Her symptoms of both simple and complex tics were never severe, but her accompaning ADD (which is almost always present with tourettes)was keeping her behind in school. At age 8, she was asking for help and wanted the tics to go away. We were extremely fortunate to have found a Doctor through the Tourettes Syndrome Association, who is an expert and compassionate. After our consultation and testing, and an official diagnosis, our daughter was put on strattera. Her tic symptoms almost completely diappeared and her concentration very improved. She experienced virtually no side-effects. She gained weight proportional to her height. We noticed her tic symptoms coming back a bit 3 months ago, and our doctor upped her dosage according to her weight gain. She responded beautifully, back to all better again. The dosage has always been kept to the threshold range. This medication has givin my daughter her life back.
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Old 09-10-2007, 12:09 AM
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Default strattera

I have a son who has been struggling with school since grade 1. I work with children with developmental disabilities and have had access to many different doctors. I knew he would end up with ADHD as his father clearly has it. I struggled with medication and we had found Concerta to be the best in Grade 5. Grade 8 has been the worse year yet. Recently diagnosed with a learning disability, language processing disability and of course ADHD. We have been going through testing for tourettes and will find out in two weeks. I see some ticks but I also see many sensory seeking behaviours as well. My son is very bright but does not have any organizational skills. His behaviour is class clown, harmless but he continues to live in the office at school. His impulsive behaviour does put him and other students at risk. I am considering Stattera as he does not want to take the concerta as he feels it makes him thin. Does your daughter still eat while on the medication? Has it changed her sleep pattern at night? Any other side effects? Thanks for you time.
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