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Old 01-14-2009, 08:55 AM
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Post Just started XELODA


Just started a regiment of three drugs ~

...including Avastin (IV) and XELODA, pills. I have to look around and find the name of the other IV drug. About 6 hours on my first visit. Was shaking all over the place: (couldn't hold a 1/2 cup of coffee before infusion began because of apprehension.) But within an hour I was calmed down and it wasn't at all bad. No side-effects so far except.... that I had the reverse side-effects of XELODA. Supposedly you can get faint, or weak, or sleepy, etc etc. But I got HYPER. Twas great!!! Felt like 22 years old all over again. Ready to talk to every neighbor on the street and find out their life's histories. Party time if I could find one. Came up with a screen play for a Sci-Fi movie which I related to a writer/teacher friend on the phone. Maybe this is a fluke.

Tomorrow I meet with my regular Doctor and will find out what's happening so far. Cancer was removed via surgery from rectal and colon. But it moved up to the liver and there are altogether four small spots on the lobes. If there had been a liver surgeon present during the operation, they likely would have lasered it away. But no show that time of surgery. The Doc says Avastin will knock it out along with XELODA. XELODA turns into something like the 5FU drug, or turns into the 5FU drug itself. Have to read up on it all.

Good chance for full recovery during the year.

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colon cancer, liver cancer, movie screenplay, rectal cancer, xeloda

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