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Old 10-12-2005, 05:00 AM
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Default Strattera

My son is 6 years old and is Autistic. He was put on Strattera. I had such an ordeal trying to get him to take his medicine. He hates the capsule and would gag on it. I tried giving it to him whole he wouldn't take it. I mixed it in pudding, ice cream, chocolate milk, etc. He has a very limited diet. Now he is afraid to eat anything. He is also hiding his milk bottle as soon as I give it to him. I tasted one of the capsul and it tasted horrible. The after-taste would last a long time. I called the pharmacy to see if they could put it in a suspension form and they can't. They said that it is only soluable in liquid form for only 6 hours, than it is no good. I am at my whits end trying to find a way for him to take his meds. I finally had to give it up, it breaks my heart to see him try to check my hands everytime I come near him to give him a hug. He is so suspicicous that I might try to sneak one in something. He keep saying "no medicine". Why don't they make Strattera in a liguid form for kids? I had to switch him to Risperdol until he is older and can tolerate the capsul, we will try it at a later date.<br><br>My husband is also on Strattera, I haven't seen any changes so far. He is still on a low dosage and working up to a higher dosage.
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