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Default Strattera

My son is 7. We choose Strattera because the Dr. said others could "unmask" ticks. He was already picking his nose so much his friends were backing off and saying he was gross. In case this was his "tick" we wanted to stay clear.<br>We started in the evening on 10mg. The morning after his head hurt. By the afternoon his fever was 103. The flu is going around and poor guy not only had it but he also had all the side effects. We couldn't tell which was which, vomiting, fatigue were also flu symptoms.<br>We were supposed to go up to 18mgs. after 4 days, so we did. He was so angry, violent,impulsive and rude. It scared me, so I took him into Urgent Care to make sure his "flu" didn't turn into something else. While there, I told the Dr. about what we were doing with Stattera. He said when your bodies temperature rises you metabolize faster. He thought that was the reason for the "overdose" symptoms. I hope so. Today was day 3 of 18mgs and day 7 altogether. Two days ago, I ask if he would like to read. He said yes. I was surprised because as a second grader his reading level is first grade. He doesn't like to read. It's difficult for him to get through a page. But, he read! He read the whole book and seemed to enjoy it. I had to hide behind him because I couldn't help but cry.<br>I think this Strattera will work for us, but right now something is wrong. He is too tired and has a temper. I'm hoping it's the dose level and flu. He is not eating. Time will tell but I have a feeling he will need a low dose. I would love to hear more success stories, but I am realistic too.
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